Workout Wednesday: WOD #3

Today’s Workout Wednesday is for the part of the body some of us love to skip; Legs! I included some core exercises and abdominals. Remember to put weight on the machines that you know you can do 10 but can’t do 11 repetitions. Remember to stretch after your work out.

Warm up

2000m Row

4 Rounds of Each Group

10 Leg Press

20 Crunches

10 Jump Squats

30 Seconds Rest


10 Leg Raises

15 Second Mountain Climbs

15 Second Knee Highs

30 Seconds Rest


10 Hamstring Curls

20 Shoulder Tap Planks

15 Leg Raises

30 Seconds Rests


10 Seated Calf Raises

35 ft Squat Walk

35 ft Bear Crawl

30 Seconds Rest

End of Work Out

2000m Row


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