Workout Wednesday: WOD #1

Here is this week’s workout of the day (WOD). This is a great set of exercises that require no weights, gym, or equipment. We are focusing on using our own body weight (calisthenics). You can accomplish this at home, at the park, or around the neighborhood. I suggest a yoga mat or a thick towel to lay on for the crunches and to rest your forearms when doing the planks. Remember to do each exercise¬†without stopping.

Warm up

1 Mile Jog/Run

30 Seconds Rest

4 Rounds of Each Group of Exercises

20 Sit-Ups/Crunches

20 Knee to Opposite Elbow Planks

10 Squats

30 Seconds Rest


10 Push Ups

15 Seconds Mountain Climbs

10 Forward Lunges (per leg)

30 Seconds Rest


15 Side Plank Pushups (per side)

15 Seconds Plank

10 Jump Squats

30 Seconds Rest

End of Work Out

1 Mile Jog/Run

30 Seconds Rest


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