Topic Thursday: Don’t stress about it!

Weight gain can be caused by a variety of factors. From the food we eat, lifestyle, and even stress. Stress can cause our bodies to do some funny things. Some of these things include overeating and food cravings. When we are stressed the body perceives this as a fight or flight response. The body thinks that we used up calories to deal with this high level of stress and we begin to crave food. This is the reason why we tend to eat when we are stressed.

Stress alters our cortisol levels. We can control these cortisol levels by keeping active. Exercise or physical activity can help relieve stress and keep cortisol levels low. Something as simple as a brisk walk can help lower stress levels. Keeping a healthy stress level in our lives will help you keep your diet goals easier to attain. That is why you have to make workouts and the diet lifestyle you chose easy and fun. Adding stress to your life makes keeping healthy a chore.

If you want further details on how cortisol and stress affect your diet feel free to check out these great articles:

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